Our Portfolio of Brands
Our Portfolio of Brands

FTL supports a collection of existing and emerging companies leading the movement to create a more evolved future for fashion.


A new kind of leather grown rapidly from mycelium and agricultural byproducts in a carbon-negative process. The material is sustainable, versatile and animal-free. MycoWorks are working to solve today’s greatest challenge with the creation of a rapidly renewable natural resource.

Worn Again

Textile to textile recycling technology that can separate and recapture polyester (PET) and cotton from discarded, low-value clothing to produce virgin-equivalent, cost competitive polyester and cellulosic raw materials to go back into the supply chain as part of a continual process.


An innovative new technology that recycles post-consumer cotton textile waste to create premium, renewable fiber. Reduced CO2 emissions by 90% compared to polyester production, and water usage by 98% compared to traditional cotton fiber.

Bolt Threads

Biofabricated silk fibers MicrosilkTM - based on proteins found in nature, produced using Bolt Threads proprietary technology and revolutionary bioengineering concepts. Next generation of performance fibers, fabrics and luxury products that represent cutting-edge technology in science, while raising the bar for quality, performance and design.

Vitro Labs

Laboratory-engineered cruelty free leather. Vitro Labs is currently developing BioFur, lab-grown pelts and leather from stem-cells.


Water, stain, and odour repellent natural fabrics. Dropel is moving performance apparel from synthetics to natural fibers.

Diamond Foundry

Man-made, lab-grown diamonds that evolve the way the industry looks at provenance and supply chain. Diamond Foundry takes the two big greenhouse gases – methane and carbon dioxide – and creates diamonds, with oxygen and water as the output.

c16 Biosciences

Develop innovative processes to brew sustainable alternatives to palm oil from natural microbes. The aim was to reduce the environmental footprint of palm oil production whilst also protecting precious natural land, wildlife and resources in the process.


An eco-friendly water company founded by Will Smith and Jaden Smith which addresses the problem of plastic pollution. Responsibly sourced spring water packaged in alternative renewable materials made from sugarcane for improved environmental and community impact, reduces carbon emissions and the global use of plastic bottles. 

Opus 12

Transform CO2 emissions into some of the world's most critical chemical products. The company reduces the carbon footprint of the world’s heaviest emitters, while creating a new revenue stream from what is discarded today as a waste product.


Create Lab-Grown materials using biotechnology and synthetic biology. The company is developing a way to grow cotton without the need for farming, by multiplying its cells directly into the fabric. This approach is more sustainable and cost effective than conventional farming.


A Japanese biotechnology company developing sustainable, next-generation protein materials. It all starts with spider silk, which is 340x tougher than steel. Protein materials are environmentally friendly, highly customizable, and possess incredible functionality.


Create the most innovative sleep products that no one else had previously dreamed possible, based on real customer needs and feedback. Continually improving how the world sleeps, the communities around it and our impact on the planet.

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