FTL supports a collection of existing and emerging companies leading the movement to create a more evolved future for fashion.

Diamond Foundry

Man-made, lab-grown diamonds that evolve the way the industry looks at provenance and supply chain. Diamond Foundry takes the two big greenhouse gases – methane and carbon dioxide – and creates diamonds, with oxygen and water as the output.

Orange Fiber

Luxury fabrics made from orange peels. Using the peels and remains after squeezing oranges for juice, which amounts to more than 700,000 tons of by-product in Italy, to create sustainable fabrics.

Vitro Labs

Laboratory-engineered cruelty free leather. Vitro Labs is currently developing BioFur, lab-grown pelts and leather from stem-cells.


Water, stain, and odour repellent natural fabrics. Dropel is moving performance apparel from synthetics to natural fibers.


Nanotechnology for earthly clothing. Hydrop proposes a wide range of environmentally friendly cleaning, protecting, and hydrophobic products.


Garments produced by responsible manufacturers using sustainable methods and materials. Reformation design and manufacture most of their collections in the U.S. with improved practices throughout their supply chain, significantly reducing the environmental impact of each item produced.

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