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Harper's Bazaar

Cracking Fashion’s Code

In a quest to deepen the meaning and purpose of clothing, style insider Miroslava Duma is bringing science into the equation.

I first met Miroslava Duma in Los Angeles through an introduction from my good friend Ian Rogers, currently LVMH’s chief digital officer. He had a feeling that Mira and I would hit it off—and he was right. Over breakfast at Petite Ermitage, I quickly recognized that one of Mira’s great superpowers is her ability to connect people from seemingly disparate worlds who wouldn’t otherwise collide. Fashion Tech Lab, the venture capital fund and tech accelerator she recently launched, is proof of that.

Financial Times

Miroslava Duma’s new industrial revolution

The Russian entrepreneur’s mission is to bring together the worlds of technology and luxury. But do they want to be connected?

Miroslava Duma, a 32-year-old Russian entrepreneur with a low, earnest voice and an even lower elevation (she just pips 5ft in her Nikes), is describing some of the technological innovations that she says will bring about the “fourth industrial revolution”. New fabrics made from orange peel, including a silk of “Hermes quality” fabricated from the waste pulps of the world’s biggest juice manufacturers; lab-mined diamonds, grown under carbon heat to be technically identical to the real thing but which can grow up to “16 carats in two weeks”. Then there’s the fabric made with milk protein, “which feels like the best cashmere, is 100 per cent breathable, and keeps moisturising your body while you’re wearing it”.

Business of Fashion

Miroslava Duma Launches Fashion Tech Lab with $50 Million to Invest

The founder of Buro 24/7 is setting up a hybrid venture that is part investment fund, accelerator and experimental laboratory to commercialise new technologies and sustainable innovation for the fashion industry.

LONDON, United Kingdom — BoF can exclusively reveal that Miroslava Duma has launched a new venture that funds, connects and develops cutting-edge technologies and sustainable innovation with the aim of transforming the fashion industry. Investment targets will focus on the fields of materials science, biotech, nanotechnology, wearable electronics and high–performance fibres and fabrics.

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