Invest. Incubate. Connect. Experiment. Support.
Invest. Incubate. Connect. Experiment. Support.

FTL is a unique venture that works with the most promising start-ups that have the potential to lead the transition of the fashion and apparel industries towards a more sustainable future, by maximizing the positive impact of innovation in science and technology.

We source and channel capital to incubate and expand innovative products, technologies, business models and brands. Our expertise features specific understudying of consumer’s needs and desires, with a deep knowledge of fashion industry and digital media. During the recent years, we have been able to collaborate with inspiring scientists, manufacturers and designers; creating a robust network of influencers and media, and partnering with established and emerging fashion brands.

Driven by an incredibly agile and dedicated team; a diverse advisory and high profile mentors boards curated from the worlds of fashion, technology, sustainability, and academia, FTL disrupts and empowers towards technologically advanced, environmentally friendly and socially responsible future.

Helping new technologies and sustainable innovations connect, collaborate, and create.

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A global collective bringing together the world’s best minds from the fields of fashion, technology, and finance.

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London, Moscow, Zurich, New York, San Francisco, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Milan, Rome, Paris, Shenzhen, Shanghai

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We source and channel capital to the most innovative start-ups to support their growth and act as strategic investors.


We partner with the leading accelerators and incubators globally in order to provide additional platforms for growth to ventures we work with.


Using our strong network within the fashion and apparel industry we act as the link between established players and start ups.


We use our platform to launch products to showcase to the industry and the world that fashion and apparel can successfully merge design, technology and sustainability.


Through our philanthropic initiatives and work we aim to support the causes close to our vision of accelerating the industry towards a brighter future.

We're always looking for new collaborators, mentors, investors, and innovators. We'd love to hear from you.