Invest. Incubate. Connect. Experiment. Support.
Invest. Incubate. Connect. Experiment. Support.

FTL is a unique venture that works with the most promising start-ups that have the potential to lead the transition of the fashion and apparel industries towards a more sustainable future, by maximizing the positive impact of innovation in science and technology.

It’s a place where new technologies and sustainable innovators connect, collaborate, and conceive products and brands that reimagine the way we create. Driven by an incredibly dedicated team; a diverse advisory board curated from the worlds of fashion, technology, sustainability, and academia; and a high-profile mentors board, FTL is a disruptive movement that empowers science and art to shift an industry of excess into a technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible enterprise.

Helping new technologies and sustainable innovations connect, collaborate, and create.

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A global collective bringing together the world’s best minds from the fields of fashion, technology, and finance.

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London, Moscow, Zurich, New York, San Francisco, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Milan, Rome, Paris, Shenzhen, Shanghai

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FTL will disrupt, design, and drive the movement towards the sustainable future of fashion.


The private investment arm of FTL originates and implements socially responsible and innovation-driven investing. With a focus on revolutionary companies specializing in smart textiles and the biotech, wearable tech, and nanotech industries, investors are given unprecedented access to FTL’s flagship portfolio companies, including Diamond Foundry, Orange Fiber and Dropel.


The FTL Experimental Laboratory brings together the next generation of creative minds from venerated educational institutions across the USA, Europe, and Asia to combine pioneering innovation and radical design to create state-of-the-art sustainable products and processes.


FTL Agency Services connects global fashion players with the visionary work of engineers and scientists in the fields of materials science, wearable electronics, high–performance fibers and fabrics and other related innovations, allowing them to seamlessly integrate cutting edge tech into their product lines.

Meet The Partners

Innovative, inspiring companies we are lucky to partner with.

Meet The Partners

Innovative, inspiring companies we are lucky to partner with.

We're always looking for new collaborators, mentors, investors, and innovators. We'd love to hear from you.